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North Aliso Canyon Project EIR Announcement

The following letter from North Aliso Project Leader, Ralph Combs, will serve to align expectations with The Termo Company and the Porter Ranch community and other interested parties, as it relates specifically to the environmental impact report (EIR) that is underway. The letter can be read in full below or downloaded in PDF format by clicking here. The EIR process and tentative dates are available on the project timeline. An EIR Fact Sheet is available by clicking here.

Dear Porter Ranch Neighbors –

As you may know, Termo is evaluating and exploring a small addition to its oil and gas operations on private property on the north side of the existing Aliso Canyon oil field. While the areas to be developed are more than a mile from the nearest residence, and will not be visible or able to be heard from homes, we want to ensure that we continue to engage and work collaboratively with the Porter Ranch community.

To that end, Termo has been engaged with L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich and his office, L.A.City Council member Mitch Englander and his staff, the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council and the L.A. County Department of Regional Planning, to ensure that a complete and thorough environmental impact report (EIR) is completed on the proposed project. At the same time, we have also committed in writing that we will not be using hydraulic fracturing at any point in these proposed wells.

The project is designed to move forward in an environmentally responsible manner and with respect to your concerns. Through the EIR process, the community will have multiple occasions to ask questions about the project, better understand what it is, and to review the information about efforts to avoid and minimize disturbance to the habitat and community. Moreover, the EIR process will provide analysis of other potential project designs and their impacts.

Since 1989, Termo has been working in this community. We have appreciated being a part of this community’s growth. While you may not have seen our operations or known about our work, we are proud of the fact that over the past more than 26 years we have had no safety incidents or major complaints regarding our operation. We remain committed to continuing that record and to building on our ongoing engagement with this community.

We want to encourage you to be involved in the EIR process and to come and learn about what Termo is planning. Dates for community meetings will be made available at www.northalisoproject.com. We look forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months.

Sincerely –

Ralph Combs
The Termo Company

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