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Best Practices for Minimizing Environmental Impact

The Termo Company strives to reduce its environmental impact while expanding its operations to meet the growing energy demand in California and beyond. Our efforts include decreasing operational use of natural resources, advanced drilling techniques and investing in new technologies.

We’ve highlighted the technologies and practices implemented to minimize the environmental impact at Termo:

protecting the environment in which we work is a core value for The Termo Company. Workers communicate with us daily about operations and identify potential hazards. If an unforeseen event occurs, we will report the incident. Then we follow the procedure to clean it up properly, work diligently to determine why it happened and identify what we will do to prevent re-occurrence.

In summary, we will always try to do the right thing and implement the appropriate management systems. This includes developing customized procedures, procuring equipment as necessary and using the best practices available. If a job can’t be done in a safe and environmentally conscious manner, we won’t proceed until we can do so in a responsible way.

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