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A Culture of Safety and Responsibility

The Termo Company’s commitment to safety is straightforward and a responsibility shared by our employees, executives, contractors and everyone involved in our operations. Protecting the health and safety of all workers and the surrounding community is a core value for the Termo Company. We do not move forward with any job until we know it can be done safely.

Our company recognizes the ability to do business in any community is a privilege. High standards of health, environmental, safety and security performance underpin a culture of continuous improvements to include:

The Termo Company is also committed to creating a safe work environment and works diligently to achieve a 100 percent accident-free workplace. Our employees strive for continuous improvement through on-the-job safety programs, health programs, safety training and awareness and other programs to ensure compliance with California regulations and standards.

Preventing safety accidents involves designing appropriate systems into both processes and equipment, operating according to established procedures, applying safe work controls and properly maintaining equipment. Our company systematically identifies potential hazards while assessing their significance and develops measures to make sure any risks are properly addressed. As a result of our efforts and commitment to health and safety, we are approaching a million hours of zero lost time for our California Team.

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