We are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and contractors. We believe that strong safety performance leads to strong operating performance. Our commitment to safety has produced positive results over the years, and we recently surpassed eight years and nearly one million hours worked with zero lost time incidents in our California Operations.

Our employees help safeguard each other, directly or indirectly. This positive team spirit and safe performance on the job raises morale for the whole team. Our employees encourage safety on the job sites for our contractors and vendors as well. We desire to be known as an exceptionally safe place to work.

We require all employees and contractors to abide by every safe working procedure, and we empower all personnel to immediately intercede if they feel work is not being conducted in a safe and prudent manner.

In addition, we promote a culture of safety by:

  • Maintaining an active and experienced regulatory staff
  • Providing safety training for all employees
  • Promoting safety awareness through regularly scheduled safety meetings
  • Providing employees with incentives to comply with all safety standards
  • Investigating and learning from any and all safety incidents

Please download our Contractor Guidelines for more information on working safely with Termo.