We recognize our role and responsibility in caring for our environment, and we work diligently with our respective agency counterparts to ensure we meet or exceed all applicable and accepted practices for environmental protection. We utilize the appropriate technology to minimize and prevent discharges to the land, air, and water. By preventing waste, we ease our impact on the environment and also increase operational efficiency. We are continuously working to minimize the impacts to environments near our facilities through efforts such as:

  • Vapor recovery on production systems
  • Dust control for roads and facilities
  • Reducing and controlling air emissions
  • Erosion control for disturbed areas
  • Testing produced water for compliance
  • Minimizing roads where possible
  • Minimizing pad size where possible

We are committed to a strong spill prevention and mitigation program. We design and operate our facilities in a manner that will minimize the occurrence and size of spills. We are building a complete proactive training and inspection program with the goal of preventing the occurrence of spills. Our effective mitigation approach includes:

  • Personnel on call 24 hours a day to respond to spills
  • A feedback system we implement and maintain to detect the cause of a spill and identify problem areas to better prevent future spills
  • Environmental inspections on all major facilities and plants and corrective action as needed